Enda Youth Action


3 of 15 One-fifth of all African children are working children (72.1 million)

The actions of Enda targets a population as an entry point. we are one among the member entities of Enda TM. Founded in 1985 and based in Dakar, EJA has set herself the main objective of accompanying and supporting children and youth in Africa.we focus on supporting groups of children and youth federated within a movement called the AMWCY presents in 28 African countries. When our team was established, it was concerned with the development and fulfillment of youth. Having seen children as one of the first resources due to their importance in the population of our countries.

Meet Our Amazing Team

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Aimé Bada

Coordinator of the Regional team

James Suru Boyon

Program manager

Romaine Dieng Preira

Communication Officer

Wilfried Onguene

Monitoring & Evaluation Office
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Mamadou Niambele

Capacity Building and Project Manager

Moussa Harouna

Expert Facilitator

Aminata Samb

Financial Ressources Manager
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Avocevou Adéle

Financial Ressources Manager

Executive Management Group ( EMG )

Budget, Execution and Development Direction